Hutton Inspired By 2021 Old Masters Program

Scott Hutton ’94 was one of nine Purdue alumni invited to return to campus as part of the 2021 Old Master’s program held from November 7-9. Old Masters is one of Purdue’s most longstanding traditions, with the primary goal of inviting back distinguished Purdue alumni to interact and share their personal stories with the student body.
Scott Hutton with Old Masters hosts

Scott Hutton ’94 (center) at the 71st Old Master’s Program with his hosts.

Scott remarked, “It was an incredible honor to be named a 2021 Purdue Old Master. Yet, with that honor came the challenge and responsibility of connecting with the student body in order to broaden perspectives, promote excellence, and inspire generations to move the world forward as Boilermakers.  As much as I entered the program prepared to share ideas, experiences, and inspiration, I was the one who left with the Old Masters experience resonating in my heart and mind and inspiring me to do more to make Purdue and Sigma Chi Fraternity proud.”

Two Long Days of Activities

Scott was hosted by a group of seven Purdue students who accompanied him throughout the program.  Scott noted, “My hosts were an outstanding group who represented themselves and Purdue University exceptionally well.”

Hutton Old Masters Presentation

Scott Hutton had numerous opportunities to meet and speak with Purdue students.

During his time on campus, Scott was able to:

  • Present to five classes (Smart Healthcare Engineering, Global Perspectives on Health, Health Economics 1, Health Economics 2, and Leading Innovation in Organizations)
  • Meet with six different professors covering business, engineering, health & human sciences, kinesiology, pharmacy and veterinary medicine
  • Meet with Dean Marion Underwood, PhD of the College of Health & Human Sciences and Dean Eric Barker, PhD of the College of Pharmacy
  • Meet with former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD who was recently named Purdue Presidential Fellow who will lead the Purdue Health Equity initiatives
  • Have breakfast with Purdue President Mitch Daniels and lunch at Sigma Chi Fraternity with a group of brothers
  • Ride around campus in the Boilermaker Special and tour numerous buildings and facilities
  • Take part in discussion groups, dinners and various events with the other Old Masters

Lunch at the Sig House

Part of Scott’s schedule included having lunch at Delta Delta.  This was a great opportunity for the brothers to interact with Scott and get his insights on leadership and some career advice.  Mostly the undergrads wanted to know what it was like when Scott lived in the house and stories regarding his younger days. Scott shared some of his fonder memories, and how much he loved living in the house.  When asked if he would have done anything differently, Scott stated, “I think I would have tried to be more involved and do more while I was at Purdue, both in the house and on campus.”

Sigs with Scott Hutton at Sigma Chi house

Sigs surround Brother Hutton following lunch and his inspiring and engaging thoughts he passed on to his Delta Delta brothers.

An Old Master’s Reflections

Upon the conclusion of the 2021 program Scott stated, “I left campus with a renewed confidence that Purdue University attracts the best and brightest students who are destined for greatness.  The students I met commented on how our conversations and lessons on the importance of leadership through trust, teamwork, hard work, initiative, patience, and perseverance motivated them and will guide them for years to come. They also shared that they are extremely optimistic about the future, confident in themselves, ready to do things differently, open to challenging and changing the world, and eager to make Purdue proud. I know I left already proud of them. Being part of the 71st annual Old Masters event was an incredible experience that I will never forget.”

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