Calling All Grand Prix Alumni for Your Support

Grand Prix has always held a special place in the annuals of Delta Delta lore.  One of the few teams to win the race four times (1959, 1969, 1978 and 2009), the Sigs are looking forward to the upcoming race to be held on April 23.

My name is Ryder Elitharp and I am the current Consul, as well as one of two Grand Prix crew chiefs, working to get our karts ready for race day.  Last year our Sigma Chi teams qualified in 3rd and in 12th place. Unfortunately, we had a mechanical failure on both karts and were unable to finish the race.

Grand Prix Teams Gear Up for 2022 Race

Sigma Chi Grand Prix Teams 2021

Drivers and pit crews for the 2022 Grand Prix Race teams who could use your financial support today.

To improve on last year’s performance, our Grand Prix teams are asking for support from all former Sigma Chi drivers and pit crews.  I’m sure you remember the long hours spent working on the karts and the excitement of race day.  You also know that it takes money to purchase the right equipment to be competitive.

Ryan Bird, the other crew chief, and I have identified some upcoming expenses.  These are listed below.

  • Season Registration Fees: $400 per kart
  • 2 Blue Printed KT100 Engines: $2000 each
  • 4 Sets of Practice Tires: $400 per set
  • 2 Sets of Race Tires: $400 per set
  • New chassis for Kart #9: $2000
  • New Clutch for Kart #99: $350

Any financial support you can lend toward purchasing these items would be a great help.  Additionally, we re-sticker our karts every year with the new season’s business sponsors. If you have any interest in being a business sponsor, or have any questions in general, feel free to contact me at (208) 891-1457 or

How To Contribute

Any donations to the Delta Delta Grand Prix Teams can be sent through Check, PayPal, and Venmo. Donations using PayPal can be sent to ““.  Donations through Venmo can be directed to “Ryder-Elitharp”.  Checks can be made out to Sigma Chi Fraternity and sent to Ryder Elitharp at Sigma Chi Fraternity, 202 Littleton St., West Lafayette, IN 47906.

Please help us to continue to be one of the top contending teams in Grand Prix and a source of pride and inspiration to all Delta Delta brothers.

In hoc,

Ryan Elitharp (Kart #99) and Ryan Bird (Kart #9)

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