Era of the Transformational Leader

Remarks by Grand Consul Sanderson on Sigma Chi’s Strategic Plan

Earlier this summer, I had the privilege to address the members of the Grand Council and unveil Sigma Chi’s first long-range strategic plan in several decades. At the beginning of my service as Grand Consul I recognized that Sigma Chi needed a plan, and I asked the Executive Committee to take on the work of crafting that future vision. Over the course of the months that would follow, we invited nearly 300 key stakeholders to contribute to building that plan. We have titled the end result the “Expect More Strategic Plan.”

Since our earliest origins, our Founders admonished us that the world will require more of a Sigma Chi than it would of other men. It was from this notion that “Expect More” came to be. As Sigma Chis, we should expect more of ourselves, we should expect more of each other, and we should each expect more from our beloved Fraternity. The time has never been more right to invest in ourselves to enable all of us to live with that promise at the forefront of our minds.

In late June 2021 Sigma Chi officially launched the “Era of the Transformational Leader.” This means that we have stepped into a time where our Fraternity will intentionally focus our efforts on enabling our men to become leaders who will, in turn, be transformational in the world. In that way, Sigma Chi will achieve our vision to inspire and empower our brothers to positively impact the world.

But, if we are to deliver upon the Era of the Transformational Leader, and if we are to seriously ask all of our men to deliver upon the promise that is expected of a Transformational Leader, then the Fraternity itself must set that example. We must evolve our Fraternity into the kind of organization that truly enables the successes of the men who join.

To that end, the Era of the Transformational Leader is also about us as an organization. To deliver on that promise, we must all be committed to the goal of being a transformational fraternity. Only when Sigma Chi turns itself into a Transformational Leader of fraternities can we ever truly deliver on our bold declaration.

The Expect More Strategic Plan is our answer. It is our roadmap to our holistic transformation and the key to our future success. The most essential elements of this plan are to bring our members back to their Fraternity in a meaningful way. We have nearly 265,000 living members. The total impact on Sigma Chi that could come from the collective contributions of time, talent and treasure of those men would be truly extraordinary. However, I recognize that limitations have prevented that engagement. My commitment to you is that we will transform Sigma Chi into a fraternity that you will want to prioritize your time for. I look forward to welcoming your involvement as we build the future of Sigma Chi. Stay tuned for more updates.



Timothy Sanderson, WESTERN 1985
72nd Grand Consul
August, 2022

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