Vintage Photographs Return to Great Hall

The Great Hall, Game Room and Library have always been rooms in the chapter house that incorporated our current needs as well as reflected our history.  Throughout these rooms are numerous photos and other classic items from our almost 150 year history at Purdue.
GH vintage photographs 1

Vintage photographs of Delta Delta chapter house.

Overtime several of these vintage displays have been damaged or taken from the walls of Delta Delta.  Part of the challenge when one of these framed pictures with historical photographs disappears is finding the same or similar photos to replace them.  Recently Phil Steele ’77 dug into Delta Delta’s and Purdue’s archives and located a number of older photographs of the chapter house and some of our former athletes.

Reminding Us of our Storied Past

The photographs in the Great Hall were of the chapter house in the 1930’s.  They included images of the chapter house, Library, Great Hall and Dining Room.  Some of you may recognize the table in the photo of the library.  This table is the same one still being used for late night study sessions at Delta Delta.  The photos of former Delta Delta varsity athletes represent our brother’s contributions to Purdue’s illustrious achievements in various sports over the years.

With these photos in hand, Phil worked with a local frame shop to try and match the original frames.  The results turned out great and with the help of Jay Milligan these vintage photos were returned to their original locations in the Great Hall and Game Room.

vintage pictures in Great Hall

GH vintage photographs 1




DD athletes pictures

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Douglas Wilton 1963

Thanks for sharing this information and these photographs. They reflect four-year undergraduate commitments to the wholesome values and traditions of our institution. Such dedication has in turn engendered lifelong commitments to its support and celebration.


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