Bolles Table Perpetuates Family Sigma Chi Legacy

As we trace our history at Delta Delta we have learned several interesting stories about some of our chapter’s heirlooms.  One of which is the large coffee table that resides in the Great Hall in front of the fireplace.
Name plate on Bolles table

Official Sigma Chi records show Charles Bolles graduated in 1895, although the family believes his graduation year was 1894.

A Gift from Charles Bolles ‘1895

In a story told by Brad Bolles, a junior now living in the chapter house, the Bolles table that has resided in the Great Hall since 1955 was a gift from his great great grandfather Charles Andrew Bolles (1871-1959), ∆∆ 1895.  There are family stories about Charles, who was a few years younger than George Ade, crossing paths with Brother Ade at different social events. The family still has Charles’ Sigma Chi pin from 1895.

For a look back at the antics of Charlie and the Sigs in 1895 you’ll want to read Bill Bolles’ Tallyho story.

Bolles table in 2023

The Bolles Table represents multiple generations of Bolles associated with Delta Delta.

Uniquely Designed Walnut Coffee Table

Brad’s great uncle William Robert Bolles II (Bill) (1934-2019) was a member of Delta Delta’s Class of 1956 and a senior at Purdue when the table was presented to the chapter in 1955.  This uniquely designed walnut coffee table was built by Brad’s great grandfather William Robert Bolles I (1907-1958) a Sigma Chi at Wabash College.  As Vice President at Hoosier Veneer in Indianapolis, William Bolles I had access to wood from all over the world.

The following quote is from a letter Brad’s great uncle Bill sent to Brad’s Aunt Ginny after she pledged Theta at Purdue in 1992.  “If you ever get over to the Sigma Chi House, there may still be in the large living room in front of their fireplace, a big walnut coffee table. This was a table that your great grandfather gave to the Sigma Chi’s during my senior year at Purdue”.

It’s fun to note that a similar table still exists as a Bolles family heirloom (currently owned by Brad’s Aunt Kate, a Purdue Theta) and it very much resembles the Bolles table in the Great Hall.

Brad Bolles '24

Brad Bolles ’24

The Bolles Sigma Chi Family Tree

  1. Charles A. Bolles ∆∆ 1895 (1871-1959)
  2. William Robert Bolles I (Wabash College Sig) (1907-1958)
  3. William Robert Bolles II ∆∆ ’56 (1934-2019)
  4. Braden Robert Bolles ∆∆ ’24

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