Sigs Take On Kampen-Cosler Golf Course

The 32nd Annual Delta Delta golf outing was held on June 10th on the recently renamed Kampen-Cosler course in honor of brother Steve Cosler’s ’77 support of the recent club house and course renovations.  It was a warm and beautiful day to play the challenging course.

Classes Return with Big Numbers

We had a great group of over 75 golfers and another 5 or so who attended the dinner only. Several classes returned in mass to enjoy the golf and mini reunions.  The Class of ’68 had 9 return, the Class of ’77 had 8; the Class of ’81 had 9; the Class of ’95 had 8; the Classes of 2013 – 2016 had 16; and the Class of 2020 had 8.  It was great to see so many brothers reconnect with their pledge classes.

Class of '81

Class of ’81: Front (L-R) Bob Andreone, Skip Clark, Lee Sterry, Jim Dishong; Back (L-R) Tom Hall, Tom Kendall, Charlie Conoley, Tom Shurig, Joel Storrow, Corby Thompson and Tim Hull. Not Shown: Bart Burrell and Mark Herrmann due to quarterback and wide receiver meeting.

Young Sigs Take Top Honors

The Kampen-Cosler golf course is long with a number of strategically placed bunkers.  This gave a distinct advantage to the golfers who could hit their drives 300 yards. As a result, the teams that finished 1st and 2nd were from the Classes of 2013 and 2015 respectively.  The winning foursome from the Class of 2013 at 14 under par was Mark Back, Ryan Price, Adam Braun and Michael McMahon.  Runner up honors went to the Class of 2015’s Paul Leffler, Frank Speek, Jordan Eddy and Jack Coon at 12 under par.  There was a tie for third place at 11 under par between the Class of ’77/80 and Class of ’95.  Steve Cosler ’77, Mike Espenlaub ’77, Jim MacDonald ’80 and Phil Steele ’77 made up one group and on the Class of ’95 team were Brian Griffiths, Eric Morgan, Craig Johnson and Kevin Jacobson.  The title of Senior Champs went to the team of Cosler, Espenlaub, MacDonald and Steele.

Funds Support Revitalization Effort

Through the generosity of Steve Cosler ’77 all the green fees paid by the Sig golfers were donated to the chapter revitalization plan.  The total amount was over $3000.

Thanks To Our Sponsors

1st Place

2023 Champs from the Class of 2013 (L-R) Ryan Price, Adam Braun, Mike McMahon (not pictured Mark Back)

Sponsorships from the brothers recognizing their classes, honoring deceased brothers, and promoting their businesses play a large part in off setting the expenses for our outing.  This year we had a record number of sponsors. We’d like to thank each of them for their contributions to the outing’s success.

Big Thanks to Brian Griffiths

We want to give a special shout out to Brian Griffiths ’95 who has organized our annual golf get together for the past 10 years.  As usual Butch and Jay got the house looking great and Gavin Philipps ’95, Eric Morgan ’95, and Duane Bowers ’68 lent a hand setting up on the day of the event.

We look forward to an even bigger turnout next year.


Runner Ups from the Class of 2015 (L-R) Paul Leffler, Frank Speek, Jack Coon, Jordan Eddy

Eskie, Cos, Phil, Knuke

Third Place Overall and Senior Champs: Mike Espenlaub ’77, Steve Cosler ’77, Phil Steele ’77 and Jim MacDonald ’80

Class of '81

Class of ’81 Sigs at Golf Outing

Class of ’95 Bro’s: Eric Morgan, Brian Griffiths, Jeff Hosp, Gavin Philipps, Kevin Jacobson

Tom, Jay, David Steele

Tom Hall ’81, Jay Milligan, David Steele ’83 on the links.


Mark, Bart, Tim, Tom

A few former football players trying to play golf: Mark Herrmann ’81, Bart Burrell ’81, Tim Hull ’81 and Tom Shurig ’81.

Jay, Butch, Tom Hall

The House Braintrust: Jay Milligan, Butch Brose ’09, Tom Hall ’81

Class of ’77: (L-R) John Emhardt, Dave Nussmeier, John Loop, Brian Dawson, Jim Arthur, Preston Cobb, Phil Steele, Michael Espenlaub and Steve Cosler










Class of ’77 at Sig house (L-R) John Loop, Brian Dawson, Jim Arthur, Preston Cobb, Dave Nussmeier, John Emhardt, Phil Steele

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