New Chapter House Access and Security Systems Installed

Video cameras monitor entrances to chapter house.

Door Access System Upgraded

A new door access system using smartphones has been installed at the Sig house.  This new system replaces the previous manual door lock requiring a code and provides the brothers with a simpler means of getting into the chapter house.  It is also much easier to manage who has access to the house and to change entry codes.  Over summer, spring and holiday breaks the chapter house can be locked so no one can enter except those doing work.

Security Cameras Added

At the same time the House Corporation installed video cameras covering each of the entrances to the chapter house.  These cameras are placed to record anyone entering or leaving the house.  We have discussed the need for this type of security over the past few years due to items being taken from the house and the need to monitor who is entering the chapter house.

The new access and video camera system is comprised of the following:

  • Cameras (6 total) at each outside door on the house and Grand Prix garage.
  • Door access points on the Front, Back, Kitchen and Grand Prix Door.   This system uses a phone app to unlock the door for entry.
  • Cameras will record to a storage drive installed in the house.
  • Door access and control will be managed using a cloud-based system.

Cloud-Based System

The cloud-based system eliminates the need for onsite servers and local maintenance; permits software updates; and allows the doors and cameras to be managed remotely using a PC or smartphone.

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