Class of ’73 Gathering Was Spectacular

The Class of ’73 began their celebration of their 50th reunion year with a get together at the Double 4 ranch near Wheatland, Wyoming.  Hosted by Dave and Mel True, 12 of this class’s 16 classmates, plus Sweethearts, were able to attend this gathering held from July 6-9.
Class of 1973 Delta Delta

Class of ’73 Sigs (L-R) Mark Sand, Dave True, Gordon Greenman, John Harrison, Fred Coon, Mark McClure, George Faerber ’71, Doug Strawbridge, Rob Baumann, Tom Martin, Brian Vautaw, Denis Cyrus and Harold Force

50 Years of Memories

Brothers in attendance arrived from Miami to Seattle and various points in between to take part in four days of reminiscing, telling new stories, and enjoying great meals.  A number of this group spent two days on four-wheelers exploring the pastures, pine forests and hills of Wyoming at over 7000 feet of altitude. Several of the spouses tried their hand at doing watercolor paintings.

Surprise Visitor

Class of 73 Sig reflections

Brothers autographing each others Norman Shields (L-R Around Table) Rob Baumann, Doug Strawbridge, Brian Vautaw, John Harrison, Harold Force, Dave True, Tom Martin, Fred Coon, Mark Sand, Gordon Greenman, Mark McClure and Denis Cyrus

The brothers had a surprise visitor when Dave True’s ’73 big brother George Faerber ’71 showed up with his wife, Pam.  They attended dinner one evening before continuing their own trip to Montana.  George commented, “It was a great time and brought back many memories of 202 Littleton.”  All the Sigs sang the Sweetheart song to Pam Faerber, who was Delta Delta’s Sweetheart in the Fall of 1970.  They also showed off their musical talent with a rendition of “The Brown Eyed Sweetheart” to their host Mel True. Each brought tears to several in the room.

Sigma Chi Reflections

The brothers of the Class of ’73 also took this opportunity to reflect on the role Sigma Chi has played in their lives.  Mark Sand ’73 provided Norman Shields (our pledge manual) to each brother present.  In turn each wrote their reflections in them as they shared them with their pledge brothers.  According to Harold Force, this was a wonderful way to express the bonds of their true friendships of over 50 years.


Class of ’73 symbolically still ““keeping the house from sliding down the hill”.

Harold Force ’73 greeting Dan “Arby” Shaw ’71 in Telluride, CO.

Class of 73 Sweethearts

Sweethearts in attendance at the Class of ’73 gathering (L-R around table) Sarah Greenman, Pam Martin, Marti Cyrus, Debbie Force, Cherie McClure, Leslie Sand, Kris Strawbridge, Anne Coon and Mel True

2 Responses to “Class of ’73 Gathering Was Spectacular”

Dave True 1973

Melanie and I were deeply honored to have the great pledge class of ’73 and sweethearts show up in the mountains of southwest Wyoming. It was a grand gathering, one which created great memories and the opportunity to swap lies about our time at 202. All of us were further honored to have George and Pam Faeber join us for a day.
It is challenging to fully express our appreciation for everyone making the effort to travel to the wilds of Wyoming to share this wonderful time together. We are truly blessed to be with this group and to be counted among its members. Sigma Chi has brought a great deal to our lives for which we will be eternally grateful.
“A Sig I am!”


Doug Harvey 1972

Yours was indeed a great class. It is heartwarming to see you all get together and have such a great time.
In hoc,


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