Chapter House 2023 Summer Updates

A number of timely updates were made to the chapter house over the summer.  These projects were managed by Jay Milligan and Butch Brose ’09.  They included ….
  1. Delta Delta Chapter House

    New balcony flooring and lighting with Sigma Chi letters.

    Replacing the carpeting in the academic wing including the hallway and two breakout study rooms.

  2. Replacing the tile flooring on the balcony including the EX letters.
  3. Installing new lighting on the balcony.
  4. Replacing the water softener.
  5. Purchased 10 new chairs for the breakout rooms.
  6. Reupholstering the large chairs in the Great Hall.
  7. Purchased new couches for the Great Hall.

Alumni Welcome to Visit

Along with these significant upgrades, Jay completed the many other tasks to get the chapter house ready for the return of the brothers in mid-August.  This included painting in several rooms and doing a complete cleaning of the chapter house.

With a number of activities going on at the chapter house during the month of September we hope that any alum in the area can stop by and check out the most recent improvements at 202 Littleton Street.

Sigma Chi letters at Purdue

Sig letters uncovered when replacing balcony flooring.

Side Story

As Jay and his team were removing the old tile and underlayment on the balcony they uncovered a little bit of Delta Delta’s past.  With the Sigma Chi letters being redone several times over our 100+ year history, no one is quite sure when these EX letters were on display.  Any guesses?

Sigma Chi Academic wing

New carpeting was laid in the Academic Wing.


Sigma Chi study room

New chairs in one of the break out rooms.

water softener

After 15 years the water softener was replaced.

2 Responses to “Chapter House 2023 Summer Updates”

Dan Montgomery 1980

Those are the letters that I recall. At least they are the same style that we had when at Delta Delta, 1976-1980


Bob Montgomery 1978

I do believe that my little brother Dan is correct! Those look like the letters that Bo Perry so meticulously buffed and waxed during the years we were there!


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