Christian Piller ’07 Young Alumni of the Year

Christian Piller ’07, the 2023 recipient of the Young Alumni award at Purdue’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, remembers when supply chain management was discussed only in courses. “I was a supply chain student before the school had a research center and a graduate program dedicated to the field,” he says. “It was just emerging as a possible career.”
Christian Piller '07

Christian Piller ’07

Co-Founder of Innovative Business

Today, Christian is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Pollen Returns, a sales augmentation platform that enables retailers to retain customer dollars through instant exchanges and improve experience through box-less, label-less, at-home returns pickups. Pollen’s patented technology lays on top of the existing supply chain infrastructure.

“We revolutionize that experience by enabling customer-scheduled, doorstep pickups that are cheaper, faster and greener than the current returns processes,” states Christian. “Our technology allows brands to better control the flow of their product during the returns process to maximize its value and resale potential.”

Prior to co-founding Pollen, where he is responsible for business development, fundraising, sales and strategy, Christian accumulated 15-plus years of experience in supply chain execution, strategy, and digitalization from ArcelorMittal, Grainger, Amazon, and project44.

Christian was recognized for his current business success along with his ongoing involvement in the Daniel’s MGMT 295 course which connects undergraduates with alumni to improve resumes and interview skills. Christian was an Executive Forum speaker this year where he discussed his career, work-life balance, and how mentors have played an important role in his life.

Sig Brothers Support Contributes to Success

Piller family photo

The Pillers: Christian, Michelle, baby Rhett, and Charlie.

One of the highlights of Christian’s life was being a member of Sigma Chi at Purdue. “I had a lot of great experiences and made lasting friendships, including two of my roommates, Brian Zentz ’07 and Dr. DJ Weimer ‘07 who were early investors in Pollen,” Christian notes. “Throughout my career, I have worked with several other Sigma Chi’s from Purdue, who have contributed to my success, including Chris Helton ‘05, Matt Vuckov ‘07, Brian Fenn ’07, and Brian Ballard ’08.”

Christian and his wife, Michelle, have a 3-month-old son who Christian hopes will follow in his footsteps to 202 Littleton. The Pillers reside in Alpharetta, GA.


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