George Ade Sites Recognized by Sigma Chi Fraternity

Hazelden, George Ade’s home in Brook, Indiana, and his grave site in Kentland, Indiana, have been recognized by Sigma Chi Fraternity in accordance with the protocol established by the Memorials and Monuments Commission.  Fittingly, their recognition was announced on October 21, 2023, at Hazelden, during the 55th reunion celebration of the Class of 1968 of the Delta Delta Chapter at Purdue University.

Sigma Chi Historic Sites

Hazelden Estate

Hazelden, George Ade’s home in Brook, IN.

The recognition of Hazelden and Ade’s grave site signifies their importance as Sigma Chi-related historic sites.  The historical significance of Ade’s grave site in Kentland reflects Ade’s service to the National Fraternity as its 14th Grand Consul and his authorship of the Sigma Chi Creed.  George Ade’s headstone is one in a circle of family graves surrounding a central monument.

Ade’s home Hazelden is on the National Registry of Historical Places, and its importance in Indiana history has been recognized by the Indiana Historical Bureau, which has placed memorial plaques on the grounds.  A similar plaque is planned for Hazelden’s designation as a Sigma Chi Historical Site noting Ade’s contributions to the Fraternity and to the Delta Delta Chapter at Purdue, whose chapter house built in 1912, was largely funded by Ade.

George Ade, American Playwright & Author

George Ade’s grave site in Kentland, IN

George Ade was one of America’s most popular journalists, playwrights and authors of the early 20th century. He is the only playwright to ever have three plays running on Broadway at the same time. His home at Hazelden was the site of many social events and gatherings, including the location where William Taft began his 1908 presidential campaign. Ade, who graduated in 1887, was a dedicated Purdue alumnus who served on the Board of Trustees and contributed significantly to the school. Purdue’s football stadium, Ross-Ade Stadium, bears his name.

Sigma Chi Memorial Presentation

The evening at Hazelden was highlighted by the presentation of a framed announcement of the designation of Hazelden as a Sigma Chi Memorial.  Robert Kaley ‘68, presented the certificate to Ms. Kristine Wright, the Chair of the George Ade Historic Preservation Commission.  Ms. Wright was also given a Sigma Chi lavaliere as an honorary Sweetheart of Sigma Chi in appreciation for all of her efforts on behalf of Hazelden.  Brother Kaley was the sponsor of the applications for recognition for both Hazelden and Ade’s grave site.


Kristine Wright (L), the Chair of the George Ade Historic Preservation Commission receives a certificate from Bob Kaley ’68, designating Hazelden as a Sigma Chi Memorial site.

Kristine Wright wrote following the event, “Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to Ade’s legacy! It was such a pleasure to spend the evening with you all last Saturday. You have such an amazing group of people. I also wanted to thank you again for your kind gesture and the wonderful Sigma Chi necklace. I am honored to be able to work with such a distinguished organization.”

Visiting or Contributing to Hazelden

Ade’s Hazelden home can be visited by appointment.  Please contact Krissy Wright at to make arrangements to open the home for your visit. More information on the Hazelden Estate can be found at  If you wish to donate to the restoration of the Hazelden Estate, you can do it through this website.

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