The Return of a Special Delta Delta Tradition

To see the chapter house decorated in its Blue Formal splendor was something no Delta Delta brother currently at Purdue had seen or experienced.  Due to Covid and ongoing social probation, the chapter had not held this iconic winter dance since 2019.

The evergreen arch and hanging Christmas trees greeted this year’s Blue Formal guests.

Working from old photographs and input from some alumni, the brothers transformed the Great Hall, Dining Room, and entrance of the house, into an incredible display of lights and evergreen arches.  Under the direction of Blue Formal chairs senior Cameron Mostoufi and junior Andrew Spears, each class was assigned an area to decorate.  The seniors constructed the White Cross entrance; the juniors decorated the Great Hall; the sophomores transformed the Dining Room; and the freshmen completed the evergreen arch into the Game Room.

According to Consul David Kolssak, “Blue Formal, held on December 2, ran perfectly, and the Sweetheart was named to the tune of a rambunctious cheer that I’m sure left a good impression on her. This year’s Sweetheart of Sigma Chi is Ella Chura, a sophomore in Chi Omega sorority, who was accompanied by Andrew Happ.

Alumni Rally for Blue Formal

Blue Formal Chairs (L) Andrew Spears ’25 and Cameron Mostoufi ’24.

With no experience in holding this dance, the undergraduates leaned on a number of alumni to recreate this event.  Along with receiving suggestions on how to decorate the house, the chapter also received significant financial support from brothers in the classes of 1978, 1979 and 1980 to help pay for all the expenses.

According to Phil Steele ’77, who visited the chapter house just prior to the start of the dance, “It was very rewarding to see all the effort that had gone into decorating the house and the excitement the brothers exhibited in anticipation of the dance.  I’d like to thank all the brothers who helped bring back one of Delta Delta’s most memorable traditions.”


The Great Hall adorned in Blue Formal splendor.

The Dining Room decked out in the holiday spirit.




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Todd Kaminski 1982

Congrats to the Brothers for revitalizing the historic and Nostalgic Blue Formal that brings back many fond memories! Especially when my sweetheart, Lisa Randa was named the “Sweet Heart of Sigma chi in ’81!! Keep up the good work!!


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