Brother Sponsors Undergrad Appreciation Brunch

One of our Delta Delta alumni brothers who has been following the progress of the chapter over the past several months wanted to show his appreciation for the hard work and dedication the undergrads have put forth to establish the new practices and standards within the chapter. Our anonymous alumnus stated, “I was impressed with the effort of the brothers in the house to make the changes needed to restore our position on campus.”
Sigma Chi brunch 2-24

Brothers enjoy a catered Saturday morning appreciation brunch.

Appreciation Brunch

So on Saturday (Feb 24) a nice brunch for the chapter was held that was paid for by this alumni brother. There were about 35 brothers in attendance along with Chapter Advisors Nate Gustus and Brian Kane, as well as Butch Brose and Phil Steele.  Alison Howard from the Dean’s Office was also in attendance.

Sigma Chi Leadership Opportunities

Phil Steele ’77 took the opportunity to talk about the journey ahead and the work that remained to be done.  He also spoke about the opportunities that Sigma Chi provides to the undergraduates through their multiple leadership programs like Horizons, KTLW and SCLI.  Because of the generosity of several brothers, we are a “Bell Chapter” which gives us extra spots in Horizons and KTLW.  Phil encouraged every brother now in the house and the new initiates to take part in one of these leadership programs over the next twelve months.

An Anonymous Thank You

Consul Mitchell Rittman ’26 wrote to our anonymous brother, “I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your generosity and providing the chapter with a brunch this past Saturday. Not only was it delicious, but it was also a great time to reflect on the progress and accomplishments we’ve attained over the past year. Additionally, Phil Steele was able to speak to us and share the story of Chase Osborn and his commitment to Sigma Chi. This served as a great reminder to not accept complacency and of the work that lies ahead of us unfinished. Finally, we were fortunate enough to have Abby Howard, one of our advisors on the FSCL staff at Purdue, in attendance. I believe that she left with a great impression of the chapter and the young men who have and continue to embark on the journey of restoring greatness to Delta Delta.”

Again Brother ?????, thank you for recognizing the effort of our undergraduate brothers and providing an opportunity to encourage them in the journey that lies before them.

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