Sigs Celebrate at the Final Four

Brothers converged on Phoenix, the site of the 2024 Men’s Basketball championship, from north, south, east and west to cheer on Purdue. It had been 44 years since the Boilermakers had taken part in the final weekend of the NCAA tournament.  The Sigs joined a huge contingent of Boilermaker fans to enjoy a long weekend of basketball.  Throughout their stay the brothers rallied with their pledge brothers and families.  Several had a chance to meet Purdue icons like Gene Keady and Drew Brees, attend Purdue tailgates, do a little sightseeing and hang out with their pledge brothers.  The photos captured from the Final Four will bring back fond memories for years.

Final Four photos of Sigs

Bob Smith 65Representing the Class of ’65

After the game I stopped into one of the many bars near the stadium loaded with Purdue fans. Next to me at the bar were three pharmacy students set to graduate in May.They were well on their way to letting the effects of tequila shots expel the finality of the Boilermaker run.

We struck up a conversation about our different Purdue experiences. Then out of the blue the student  next to me said “ I can’t believe it’s over, the season ( he had never missed a game in four years!) and college”. The empathy felt from  “I can’t believe it’s over” prompted me to extend their evening so I had their tab added to mine.  As I left there  were high fives and Boiler Ups all around for a great experience and the anticipation of an unknown life to come.  Bob Smith ’65

final four photo montage 1

Jack and Marybeth KWho Gets To Go

Jack Krawczyk ’86 has lived in the Raleigh, NC area since graduation.  His son, daughter and daughter-in-law all attended NC State University.  Jack and his son, John, were watching the Purdue – NC State game Saturday evening.  Whichever team won would determine who got to go to the game, Jack or his son.  As it turned out Jack and his wife, Marybeth, Alpha Chi Omega ’84, (see photo) caught a plane Sunday morning and were able to attend the championship game between Purdue and Connecticut.  Go Boilers!


Final Four photo montage 2

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